Note: Laboratory/courier costs are $75.00 in SW MI for the bacterial and nitrate collection and analysis - these charges are included in listed prices for services needing water analysis.  Also, all required permits and/or county fees are separate charges. Any labor by chosen septic/well installer(s) are separate charges.

Service Description SW MI          (Cash/Check)/(Credit Card-includes processing fee)  
Septic/Well Evaluation/ Reports, open/close septic, lab fees Per system includes open/close system and sample fees. $350/359   
Septic only Evaluation/Reports, open/close septic Per system includes open/close system. $275/284  
Well only Evaluation/Report, lab fees Per system includes sample fees. $250/259  
Well bladder tank dewinterize/rewinterize and extensive flushing Per flushing $100  
Uncovering of Septic/Well System Components Per hour $150  

Pumping of Septic Tank(s) by local providers

(Charged by company pumping tank and paid to them)

Digital Locator Pill to Locate Septic System                              

Per 1000 gal.


Per Pill/Locating Time





Return/Reinspect Fee - To return to property to re-inspect septic or well due to inaccessibility or incomplete inspection first visit, could not get in, resample water well, check isolations, no power or water available first visit, etc.   $100  
Water Well Evaluations (research well depths) Per parcel $100  
Water Quality Analysis, Enviroappraisal lab fees Per sample fee $150  

Travel fee over 20 miles/Return to Site Fee

Septic Rx    Annual Inspection of Septic System includes additive                                                                               

Well Rx       Annual Inspection of Water Supply System includes bacteria/nitrate samples

Camera Scope Services

S-5 MDEQ Certified Water Supply Operator Fees                      

Varies by location




Varies by supply need                                        












Note:  Any other water/soil sample analysis (PFAS, lead, fuel oil tank screening, volatiles or arsenic) are additional fees and the responsibility of the client.

Any repairs, replacements, enhancements, additions to septic and/or well will be conducted by a licensed installer through a bid process approved by the client.